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Hoyos announces

Renee Hoyos announced today that she is officially in the race for Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District seat.

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Sent her some coin of the

Sent her some coin of the realm. Even though I can't vote for her. She would do a better job of representing my district than the sycophant that currently holds the office even though she would be in another District. (Does that make sense?)

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Timmy is such a

Timmy is such a disappointment. I had always considered him to be a real conservative - which meant I disagreed with him on most stuff - but it turns out that he is just another republican that puts personal power and the material desires of the wealthy above the needs of the nation.

Disappointing and disgusting. I wish I could vote for Hoyos multiple times.

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Couldn't believe my ears

Tim Burchett was interviewed by our local news when the most recent Honor Air flight was made in early Oct. I couldn't believe my ears when Rep Burchett said something to the effect of: my generation didn't do squat compared to the sacrifices of these men and women on this Honor Air flight today.

What? Did I really hear him say that? Many Americans of his generation were in the US Armed Forces in Desert Storm, The Balkan wars, Afghanistan...their families know the sacrifices that were made. It is true that Burchett didn't serve in the military himself (although I believe both his mother and father did serve). He instead became a career politician.

That's a broad brush Burchett used to paint his own generation.

Very happy to hear that Hoyos will run against him.

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