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Save Our Stages Act

Per a press release, the “Save Our Stages Act” would provide six months of financial support to help “keep venues afloat, pay employees and preserve a critical economic sector for communities across America.” Independent music and entertainment venues have been among the hardest-hit businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Even as some portions of the economy begin to re-open, venues will likely remain closed for some time, as the coronavirus is believed to spread especially quickly in crowded indoor spaces.

Senators Introduce Bill to Fund Independent Venues Struggling During COVID-19

Save our Stages Act

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Everyone But......

I "carefully skimmed" thru the language of this act. It's designed to help keep music venues...and employees thereof....above water for a time. And that's great.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to cover the musicians/entertainers who comprise at least part of...if not the primary...draw in these places. In this regard, I've been out of work since March 13th, with no end in sight. I qualify for unemployment but cannot get my application processed (long story). Guess I need to find another line of work.

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My son is a musician in

My son is a musician in Charleston SC and he was able to keep his head above water by live streaming. Many people who follow him at the different venues where he played, supported him through vemo during these live performances. At different times he was able to raise money through donations and an auction to help out several who suddenly found themselves out of work. Unfortunately this doesn't work for most musicians because they are more band oriented. Most of his time he plays solo which has worked to his favor. Many musicians have played for decades and suddenly found themselves unable to work so they are just packing it in as "tlc" attested to above. This really is sad because it's totally out of their hands. I'm glad they are pushing for this “Save Our Stages Act” but the musicians who help bring in customers need to be included also.

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A few Local bands are trying it.

Their was a Virtual Knoxville Music festival back in March or April. Most of the bands had a Venmo or Cash App account and requested tips. Since then I've seen a few other bands try it. I'm not so sure how much money it gets but it keeps the bands in peoples minds.

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Many musicians, but not all,

Many musicians, but not all, have the advantage of Venmo (I misspelled it my initial post). Bartenders and waiters and waitresses don't really have that option at their disposal. My son has basically played the same location every Sunday for over two years. He started live streaming during the time he normally would be playing at the establishment, so many of his patrons watched his live streams. He'd ask them, kinda jokingingly but also not, for every time they took a drink to set back a tip for the employees of the little beach bar where he played. I don't know if any did or not but at least he put the thought in their head. He's had plans of moving to Nashville in September and even now has plans of moving. Not sure where he plans to play? I think all the places are boarded up. I guess he just likes the challenge.

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I admire his spirit.

Gotta say this for him, I admire his dedication to his love. Hope he makes it out okay.

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This is also a good way to support musicians and artists. Even if you give just $5 a month, it gives them something to rely on. Look for some of your favorites and sign up.

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Yeah, Patreon is having it's time in the light.

I like the format because it brings so much intimacy between the artist and the public. The reward tiers are normally pretty creative and the articulate ones know how to make connections with people. I'm impressed with how many people have "talk to me" as a tier award.

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During the main lockdown my

During the main lockdown my son and a neighbor, who happened to be in the business of promotions got pretty creative. To ease some of the stress of the quarantine, my son would put on a concert on his property a few feet off his street. This was in a quaint little area known as old town MT. Pleasant not far from Charleston, and he would do this every Saturday during the quarantine. He had several of his friends, who were also some of Charleston's top male and female vocalist/musicians who had bands but also were solo artists like he was, that came out to help put on these concerts. They accepted tips via a tip bucket but also online which helped them out tremendously during this down period. Although he provided a tip bucket He never asked for tips and it was amazing how generous his neighbors were. He made it a point for them and all there to social distance and if they hadn't he probably would've quit putting on these mini concerts, it could affect his and their lives and livelihoods. Each performer would come out individually on separate days and they and my son alternated performing. Another neighbor had T-shirts of the concerts printed, and all profit was donated to frontline workers at a local hospital. They were having upwards of two hundred people in attendance. His neighbors would have family members over and they'd sit in their lounge chairs at the edge of their properties. Many from his surounding neighborhood would also bring chairs and sit in the street but at the same time practice social distancing. I think it was a really unique experience for all who attendened. What I enjoyed about it is I don't get the opportunity to see him often and each event he live streamed. He's now back to basically playing his old schedule but he only plays in an outdoor environment and I am no longer able to watch any of his gigs cause he stopped doing his live streams. I'm not going to lie, I worry daily that he might catch the virus. Charleston is one of the worst locations for the virus.

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